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MaxForce FC Fire Ant Granual 2 LB

SKU: 2059
Finally there's a fipronil fire ant bait in a proven bait formula.

Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait provides effective control of fire ants with a Simply Irresistible formula and the exclusive Maxforce Domino Effect. Since foraging worker ants cannot eat solid food, they consume and contact the oil in the bait formula and carry the granules back to the nest where they are fed to the larvae. The larvae consume the bait, then regurgitate a liquid food containing fipronil that is fed to the rest of the colony, including the queens, through a process called trophalaxis. The Domino Effect is made possible by the delayed action kill of fipronil. Worker ants are able to make several trips back to the colony with bait before they die so entire colonies are controlled even in hard-to-reach areas such as under sidewalks and driveways.
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