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Paraclipse Fly Lights

Paraclipse Terminator Fly Light

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Highly effective combination of special UV light, attractants and trapping surface. 
Draws flies to the trapping surface and keeps them trapped. 
Ultraviolet Lamp Booster Reflectors. 
Increases the outward reflective power of the UV lamps. 
Exclusive auto advancing 60 day cartridge system. 
Eliminates large quantities of flies, over 4000. 
Fresh sticky surface and sex attractants released continuously. 
Cartridge holds over 20 times the capacity of a glue board. 
Environmentally safe - no scattering of zapped fly parts or sprayed chemicals. 
Sanitary handling for the disposal of flies. The auto advancing cartridge system rolls the trapped flies inside the cartridge so you never handle the fly covered trapping surface. 
Unique cartridge placement - directly under lamp(s). 
Flies quickly caught during random flight near the lamp. 
Audible alert to replace used cartridge. 
Versatile design 
Can be a free-standing portable unit, ceiling hung, or wall mounted. 
Specially engineered flying insect attracting device for commercial/industrial use attracts insects from both the front and back. (Wall Mount Unit has front exposure only). 
Silently put an end to your flying insect disturbances and the spread of disease that they carry. 
Integrated pest management (IPM) design. 
Provides both fly control and monitoring function. 
Meets USDA & FDA guidelines. 
Can be used in all commercial and industrial facilities. 
Research proven flying insect attracting UV light device. 
Unit keeps your establishment safe and free from flies carrying diseases such as Salmonella and E.coli. 
Easy to maintain, easy to clean. 
Since the units are easily cleaned with a damp cloth, this effective flying insect control won't make extra work for you or your staff. 
Price: $337.14
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