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Pack a painful sting and demand respect. "Yellow Jackets" - a type of communal wasp, are very aggressive and may sting repeatedly. Yellow Jacket colonies can reach populations up to 15,000 individuals, depending on the species.Hornets, the largest wasps with some species measuring up to 2.2" in length and can mobilize the entire nest to sting indefense, making hornets highly dangerous. Some species deliver the most venomous sting among all insects. All wasps become very defensive when they feel threatened or their nest is disturbed.

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Backed by years of training and experience, the Tepco team provides our customers with
a comprehensive array of termite and pest control services.

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Assuming all is well could put your greatest investment at serious risk. Termites can easily go unnoticed by the untrained eye and cause serious, structural damage to your home. The skilled professionals at Tepco Termite and Pest Control are industry specialist that are trained to identify signs that you as a homeowner would most likely overlook entirely. read more
“We have used TEPCO Termite & Pest for the past 15 years for our monthly pest control and any termite problem we encounter. They are always prompt and understanding of our needs.”
- Tom Gordon
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