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Backed by years of training and experience, the Tepco team provides our customers with a comprehensive array of termite and pest control services.
Bob Paul, owner/operator of Tepco Termite and Pest Control explains, “The damage can occur without the homeowner even being aware of the destruction .”  While there are certainly signs that would indicate termite infestation, generally they go undetected by homeowners and are spotted only by trained and experienced professionals. An infested house, even one that has sustained serious structural damage, is likely to look no different than any other house. Termite colonies are hidden completely out of sight and can go undetected for years before damage becomes apparent.

Southern states are especially susceptible to termite attack because of the heat and extreme humidity. In metropolitan areas with high levels of termite activity, one in every five homes is likely to sustain termite damage. Unfortunately, homeowners insurance policies exclude damage from all wood destroying insects.

A common misconception is that termites have “seasons” - or times of the year when they are more prevalent and threatening. Reality is, termites are constantly working and are an ongoing threat all year long. However, there are certain times when people are more likely to notice the flying termites - which are know as “swarmers”. These swarmers are reproductives that have been sent out from a colony to form new colonies and are most often seen during the spring of the year.

If an infestation is discovered, a qualified professional needs to conduct a thorough evaluation to determine what damage has been sustained. The extent of damage varies greatly, but the risk of serious, expensive damage is very real.

Tepco owner Bob Paul cautions “ In recent years, a particularly destructive subterranean termite has migrated into Central Louisiana known as the Formosan termite. The Formosan is characterized by extremely large colonies (up to 300 feet long) and can wreck havoc for homeowners and businesses in very short order.” Because of the invasion of this dangerously aggressive termite, it's more important than ever to have your home or business routinely inspected by qualified professionals. If a problem does develop, it can be identified and addressed before costly damage occurs.
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Backed by years of training and experience, the Tepco team provides our customers with
a comprehensive array of termite and pest control services.

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Assuming all is well could put your greatest investment at serious risk. Termites can easily go unnoticed by the untrained eye and cause serious, structural damage to your home. The skilled professionals at Tepco Termite and Pest Control are industry specialist that are trained to identify signs that you as a homeowner would most likely overlook entirely. read more
“We have used TEPCO Termite & Pest for the past 15 years for our monthly pest control and any termite problem we encounter. They are always prompt and understanding of our needs.”
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